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21 Oct Travel hoist for the disabled
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Test If you are looking for a travel hoist for the disabled traveller, look no further than the Molift Smart 150. I am the Managing Director of AAL LTD, im also a full-time wheelchair user.  My company is passionate about products that enable people and their families with disabilities to travel away safely and reliably.  I was looking for a hois..
18 Oct What is the best portable hoist for children?
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This a regular question AAL get asked ?what is the best hoist for children?? as the challenge a lot of children suffer is weight gain.  Depending on the level of disability, this can greatly affect the child?s ability and weight management.We ask the customer the following questions: Do you want single handed care ability?What do you want the hois..
08 Aug Medical Weighing Scales - Full range of seca weighing scales
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Looking for a weighing scale to meet your needs?The AAL Group have developed a website that offers a complete range of Seca medical weighing scale products for home use and the care industry. From the monitoring of a new born childs weight to the managing of a physically disabled persons diet, we have the solution..
15 Mar Molift QuickRaiser 205
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The Molift Quickraiser 205 Active is the latest addition to the group of outstanding hoists and stand aids created by the Molift team. This state of the art sit-to-stand hoist, made specifically for those users who can weight bear, has an electrically adjustable leg base, guaranteeing a substantial, safe and comfortable lifting capacity.A Unique an..
02 Feb What is a ceiling track hoist?
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img { float: right; margin: 5 5 10px 10px;} ..
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