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Molift Battery

Molift Battery
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Molift Battery

Molift Battery

The Molift Power Pac is NiMH 14,4 V - 2,2 Ah and is suitable for the Molift Quickraiser 1, 2, 205 and 2+ as well as the Molift Smart 150 and Molift Mover 180. It is the lightest, most powerful hoist battery on the market.  Weighing as little as 1 Kg (2.2Lbs), this system will lift a 20+ stone person off the floor and into his chair, more than 10 times between charges.

Suitable for the following Molift lifting systems:

Molift Smart 150 (and previous Smart versions)

Quickraiser 1

Quickraiser 2

- Quickraiser 205

Quickraiser 2+

Mover 180

Important Note: If you are converting to our green top batteries from the old black top version, you will need to also buy the new battery charger as the old metal charger will not charge the green top batteries. The new charger, however, will charge any existing black top batteries.


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