Folding travel hoist from molift is the lightest, easiest and most sold portable hoist on the Market.  The Molift Smart 150 folding travel hoist is perfect accompliment for highly dependent service user that wish to travel from home in the safe knowledge, they will be traveling with complete piece of mind.

The Molift Smart hoist is only 25kg in total with battery fitted.  24Kg without, seperates into 2 easily ( heaviest part 14kg, lightest 10Kg) and is powered by a 1 Kg battery that will lift a 24 stone person, 10+ times prior to recharge from the floor. 

Its a perfect lifestyle accessory for those looking to break the mould of the stigmatism that disabled people dont travel, cant travel.

With the Molift Smart 150 folding travel hoist you can travel the world or just stay at your mates for the night.  The choice is yours!

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