Mobility hoists have been around for some time and they have really helped to transform the lives of disabled and elderly people and the lives of their family and carers. They come in different guises and are often tailored to help with movement of a patient in a particular scenario. Disabled and elderly people all over the world are now allowing increasingly convenient mobility lifts to help them enjoy life more and also to make the role of the carer less physically demanding.

In this article we are looking at the Molift Smart 150 and hope to tell you about the excellent features that make it a very good option for those who could use a little extra help in and out of the home.

About Molift

Molift are one of the world?s leading manufacturers of lifting systems for the disabled and elderly, and this is based on an excellent track record. The company has been in this business for decades and is the first choice in many hospitals and care homes throughout the UK. They have an incredible range of hoists/lifts and have a dedicated support team that ensures the reliability is never an issue.

Molift Smart 150

This has been described as ?The smartest design on the market?, and it is easy to see why.

The Molift Smart 150 is incredibly easy to disassemble, reassemble and transport to wherever it is required. The unit itself can handle 150 kg of weight, hence the name, and it is definitely the best choice for lifts that are needed out of the home. Easy to Fold Down The clever design allows for a very quick and trouble free disassembling action, because you can literally fold the unit into two separate units for a quick and easy transport option. Reassembly is just as easy and there will never be any issues with the simple but effectively engineered instructions. Smooth Moves Old fashioned mobility lifts have sometimes been a bit cumbersome when it is time to move them around, but not the Molift Smart 150.

The whole unit weighs just 24 kg, without the battery, and you don?t need any tools to get the 150 moving.

Use It Anywhere

The whole point of the Molift Smart 150 is the incredible flexibility of this mobile marvel, because you can use it effectively in a care home, your own home or any type of medical institution. It has been designed to be durable yet comfortable and can just as easily be used in a home 24/7.

Molift ? The Smart Choice

The Molift Smart 150 is without a doubt a very smart and effective development and when you buy into the Molift family, you just know that you are entering a world of caring and proven mobility technology.