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Molift Quick Raiser 1 with V-shape arm

Molift Quick Raiser 1 with V-shape arm
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Molift Quick Raiser 1 with V-shape arm


Molift Quick Raiser 1 with V-Shape Arm: Transforming Patient Mobility

The Molift Quick Raiser 1, complete with its unique V-Shape Arm, redefines patient handling with a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 160 kg (352 lbs). This stand aid empowers individuals who can bear their weight, making it effortless to transition from chair to bed, bed to wheelchair, chair to toilet, and even to change positions while raised. Its versatility makes it an invaluable addition to homes, care facilities, hospitals, and rest homes. Here's what sets it apart:

Enhancing Mobility with Ease

The Molift Quick Raiser 1 is designed to provide a seamless experience for individuals who need assistance in standing. Its purpose is to offer a smooth and comfortable transition between different seated positions, enhancing patient independence and reducing the strain on caregivers.

Comprehensive Sling Compatibility

Molift offers a wide range of Quick Raiser slings that are compatible with this stand aid. The right sling can be chosen to cater to the specific needs and comfort of the user, ensuring a personalized and dignified experience.

Environmentally Friendly Power

The Quick Raiser 1 is equipped with an environmentally friendly NiMH battery, emphasizing Molift's commitment to sustainability and responsible product design.

Note on Leg Functionality

Please be aware that the Molift Quick Raiser 1 does not have a leg opening and closing function. For stand aids with this feature, we recommend considering the Quick Raiser 2 Complete with V-Shape Arm.

A Range of Upgrade Options

For users with specific requirements, Molift offers two other stand aid models: the Quick Raiser 2 and the Quick Raiser 2+ designed for bariatric service users. These upgrades cater to a wider range of patient needs, ensuring optimal support and safety.

Discover the remarkable difference that the Molift Quick Raiser series can make in the lives of individuals and the daily routines of healthcare professionals. Elevate patient mobility with the Quick Raiser 1, a symbol of easy, safe, and effective patient handling.

Whats Included: 

- Battery and Charger

- Hand Control

BatteryNiMH 14,4 V - 2,6 AhMaximum user weight (kg)160
Battery charge time (hours)3Product includesChassis, column, knee support and lifting arm
Height (mm)1280Rated performance40 hoists at: 75 kg and 500 mm
Hoisting speed 75 kg (mm/sec)50Service softwareMolift Service Tool
Leg height (mm)70Weight (kg)30
Length (mm)955Width chassis, outer (mm)610
MaterialAluminum, steel


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