The human body is a fantastic piece of engineering, and some of us are lucky enough to manage superhuman feats, whilst others are happy enough just watching them. But how do we cope when our bodies start to slow down? This can be due to advancing years, an accident, or perhaps an illness that becomes serious. There can be little worse than being restricted by the constraints our bodies are put under. Living a healthy life is something that many of us take for granted until things change for the worse. However, technological advancements in lifting and handling has changed the way highly independent people live their lives, where previously disabled people were expected to stay at home due to lack of provision and access, they?re able to not just leave the home, but work and travel. Whether it?s a ceiling track system, Portable track system or a mobile hoist, disabled people who are highly dependant can live their lives and travel the world.

About Hoists

There is a hoist for most scenario?s and they have changed the disabled people are living their lives. Something as fundamental as getting out of bed or getting in and out of the bath has been made safer and easier for disabled people, their carers and family members. Mobile hoists are in place in many types of hospitals and care homes across the UK. Allowing carers to move patients between rooms. Ceiling lifts were designed to move patients around the home or hospital by using a track system in the ceiling. These can be electrical or manual and they are very practical due to the fact they do not take up any floor space whatsoever.


Molift are a company who specialise in the development and manufacturing of specialist hoists and they are one of the world?s leading lights in this area. If you visit most NHS buildings and private care homes, you?ll see the ?Molift? brand adorning the hoists that are apparent. This is not by accident, Molift have earned the right to be the number one choice for lifting & handling in the UK and the rest of the world.

Molift Smart 150

This model is probably the best seller of all the Molift?s considerable range of mobility hoists, and it is not hard to see why that is the case. ?The smartest design on the market? is incredibly easy to operate assemble and to disassemble. The entire unit only weighs 25kg, yet it has a SWL (Safe Working Load) of up to 150kg. Indeed, care homes and hospitals, as well as private residential homes, are catching onto the fantastic versatility of the Molift Smart 150 and these machines are helping people to live their lives all over the UK. It cost just over ?2,000 but you will find the benefits of owning one of these hoists absolutely priceless and a lifetime investment.

Molift Smart 150 Features:

  • Folding Action ? The hoist is extremely easy to fold down and can even be split into two for your convenient transport requirements.

  • Easy To Manoeuvre ? Weighing in at 25kg, the Smart 150 easy to pull as it?s on castors for short distances and can be easily stored away.

  • Smart and Sensible

If you like what you are hearing about the Molift Smart 150, please feel free to check out the website for more details.