Looking for a weighing scale to meet your needs?

The AAL Group have developed www.medicalweighingscale.co.uk a website that offers a complete range of Seca medical weighing scale products for home use and the care industry. From the monitoring of a new born childs weight to the managing of a physically disabled persons diet, we have the solutions.

Paediatric weighing machine

seca baby weighing scales are designed to ensure mother and child are weighed effortlessly and comfortable. The materials used to develop these scales are made to ensure any contact with the child keeps their body heat minimises any stress.

Chair scales

seca chair scales are easy, mobile and safe to use when transferring people with weight bearing issues. Whether you have problems with a hip replacement or simply old age, the Seca chair scales are comfortable, adaptable and easy to use.

Need something particular?

Should you have any questions about any of the products being offered, please call 01772 814555 or visit our website www.medicalweighingscales.co.uk.