The Molift Quick Raiser range ? a fast, easy and comfortable way to rise up and sit down in homes, care homes and hospitals

With the Molift Quick Rasier range, the name really does say it all. It only takes minutes to lift a weight bearing user and then comfortably place them back down on a bed, chair, wheelchair or toilet. It can even be used to help change clothes whilst the user is in the raised position.

Simply apply the slings around the user when they?re seated, use the powerful mechanism to lift them, wheel the Quick Raiser to their new seating area and then use it to gently sit them back down. It?s that easy.

Simple, fast and highly mobile

Each Quick Raiser has special legs to slide under any bed or chair. The slings are also designed so they can be correctly applied whilst the user is seated, meaning that any movement is minimal.

The lightweight body, slender frame and quick lifting motion also means that the Molift Quick Raiser is one of the fastest, most comfortable and hassle-free standing/seating aids on the market today.

A huge difference to the lifestyle of the user and operator

Moving between beds, chairs and the toilet is one of the most challenging aspects of a disabled person?s day-to-day routine ? especially when it happens multiple times per day.

With the Molift Quick Raiser, you will have a mobility aid which is especially designed to make these tasks much, much easier. It?s not only faster and more comfortable for the user, but it?s also less challenging for staff, carers and loved ones.

What is the Molift Quick Raiser Range?

Molift Quick Raiser 1  - powerful and highly mobile

Even the smallest stand aid in the range has an impressive lifting load of 160kg (352lbs). The highly mobile frame, fixed legs and easy up/down operation makes the Molift Quick Raiser 1 a fantastic lifting aid for the vast majority of situations. This model comes with a range of safety features and optional slings. Ideal for homes, care homes, rest homes and hospitals.

Molift Quick Raiser 2 ? with electric legs for even easier movement

The Quick Raiser 2 has the same impressive lifting load of 160kg (352lb) and the same great features, except that it also comes with electric legs to allow improved mobility and easier use. This makes it a fantastic all-rounder which is ideal for homes, care homes, rest homes and hospitals.

Molift Quick Raiser 2+ - perfect for bariatric users

The Quick Raiser 2+ is especially made for bariatric users with a powerful 200kg (440lbs) lifting weight. The heavy duty design allows comfortable lifting whilst still remaining lightweight, mobile and easy to use. Ideal for bariatric users in homes, care homes, rest homes and hospitals.