The New Molift Air 200!

The New Molift Air 200 Track Hoist, the perfect solution for day to day hoisting situations. The Molift Air is designed for use in Health care and Patient handling environments. Not only is the Molift Air the smallest track hoist in the Air family, it is also fully compatible with current Molift Rail Systems (fixed & portable) and Slings. 

The Molift Air is available in two variantsm Check Them Out!

- Molift Air 200 (SLA Battery)

- Molift Air 200 (Li Battery) 

Features of the Molift Air 200

The Molift air 200 provides a safe, efficient, comfortable hoisting service. A single caregiver can operate the track hoist due to its friendly design and user-friendliness. The Molift Air despite its size can lift users weighing up to 205kg, making it a very versatile ceiling lift solution. To help servicing and transporting the Hoist, the Molift Air 200 has a clever quick release system allowing the motor to be disconnected from the trolley with ease. When in use, the Molift Air 200 is a very quiet track hoist, there is a soft start/stop feature also. The Molift Air 200 is operated via a new intuitive handset. The Handset can be hooked onto the spreader bar or wall docking station when not in use. 

What practices can the Molift Air 200 assist with?

The Molift Air 200 can be used as a traditional track hoist to transfer patients from room to room or to and from stationary objects like beds and chairs. Horizontal and sitting transfer are possible allowing patients to be hoisted from a variety of surfaces. Standing and Gait training can also be performed with this Track Hoist. The Molift Air 200 benefits the caregiver as it eliminates the need for manual lifting. A single caregiver is able to carry out a dignified, comfortble and safe lift. 

Compatible with Spreader Bars

The Molift Air 200 is compatible with a range of Spreader bars which allowing Slings to be connected. The Spreader bars have a quick-release coupling, which makes changing the Sling easier for the caregiver. The Molift Stretcher MRI can also be attached. The MRI stretcher is perfect for hospital routines and is approved/compatible with X-Ray, CT and MRI scans. For horizontal lifts, the Molift Fabric Stretcher can also be applied.