If you are looking for a travel hoist for the disabled traveller, look no further than the Molift Smart 150.

Stephen PritchardI am the Managing Director of AAL LTD, im also a full-time wheelchair user.  My company is passionate about products that enable people and their families with disabilities to travel away safely and reliably. 

I was looking for a hoist which would help my family and friends to lift me off the floor when camping.  In 2005, I 
was introduced to the Molift Smart, which blew my mind when I first saw it, and to be honest, it still does.
Travel hoist for the disabledThe beautiful thing about the Molift Smart 150 is how easy it is to assemble and dissemble.  It weighs only 25Kg complete, 24Kg without battery. When separated the mast half weighs 14Kg and Base 10Kg,   meaning the battery only weighs 1Kg and on a full charge will lift a 23.6 stone person over 20 times.  In the event you should arrive at a venue and the battery is without charge, put the battery on charge and within 15 minutes youll get a few lifts.  To fully charge only takes 3 hours maximum.

When you purchase our travel hoist the Molift Smart 150, youll receive a free battery and charger and two years warranty, unlike the manufacturer who will offer you one.  We will send it to you free of charge within mainland UK.

What about a bag or case?

Molift Smart Soft Bag

The Molift Smart Soft bag is very easy to put on the Molift Smart 150, and is an upgrade to the previous version molift smart soft bagwhich was terrible to fit and offered zero protection.  This was really thought through, there are two compartments for the battery and charger, which zip in easily. 

Once the bag is fitted the hoist can be easily wheeled away.  When the bag is not in use, it rolls up for easy storage, which is excellent as we know, travelling with a disability can mean having to carry around loads of kit. See our full video on how to use the bag.

Molift Smart Hard Case

The Molift Smart hard case has been designed for flying.  The soft bag offers a degree of protection when travelling in car or when you join a ship for Cruises within the UK and Europe but when the baggage handlers get their hands on it, you need the hard case. 

There is a technique putting the Molift Smart into the case, but once youve done it a few times it will be fine. We will soon be creating a video to demonstrate how to put the hoist in the case.case

Basically, will need to put the hoist in upside down, ensure its fully collapsed and youll be OK. The weight of the case is 11Kg, with Smart and case the weight is 38kg if you include the battery and charger as these weigh 1Kg each.

Should you wish to have a demonstration of our travel hoist for the disabled, the Molift Smart 150 give me a call 01772 814 555.

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