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22 Mar The New Molift Air 200 Ceiling Hoist
Chris Goodwin 0 10981
The New Molift Air 200!The New Molift Air 200 Track Hoist..
21 Oct Travel hoist for the disabled
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Test If you are looking for a travel hoist for the disabled traveller, look no further than the Molift Smart 150. I am the Managing Director of AAL LTD, im also a full-time wheelchair user.  My company is passionate about products that enable people and their families with disabilities to travel away safely and reliably.  I was looking for a hois..
18 Oct What is the best portable hoist for children?
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This a regular question AAL get asked ?what is the best hoist for children?? as the challenge a lot of children suffer is weight gain.  Depending on the level of disability, this can greatly affect the child?s ability and weight management.We ask the customer the following questions: Do you want single handed care ability?What do you want the hois..
08 Aug Medical Weighing Scales - Full range of seca weighing scales
0 695
Looking for a weighing scale to meet your needs?The AAL Group have developed a website that offers a complete range of Seca medical weighing scale products for home use and the care industry. From the monitoring of a new born childs weight to the managing of a physically disabled persons diet, we have the solution..
27 Mar How to pickup a disabled person off the floor
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The Molift Smart 150 gives peace of mind when working, living with or when offer services to phyically challanged people.  Whether they are wheelchair users, have walking issues or even larger people who struggle to stand, they will need lifting easily and safely back into their chair or bed after a trip or fall.Its imperative carers and family mem..
15 Mar Molift QuickRaiser 205
0 341
The Molift Quickraiser 205 Active is the latest addition to the group of outstanding hoists and stand aids created by the Molift team. This state of the art sit-to-stand hoist, made specifically for those users who can weight bear, has an electrically adjustable leg base, guaranteeing a substantial, safe and comfortable lifting capacity.A Unique an..
02 Feb What is a ceiling track hoist?
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img { float: right; margin: 5 5 10px 10px;} ..
03 Jan Cruise Ships with Hoists - No longer a dream
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img { float: left; margin: 5 5 10px 10px;}Holidays on cruise ships is very popular these days, its a great solution for people with physical disabilities who are full-time wheelchair users.  The challenge is however; Cruise Ships with hoists are not available.They do however, allow travellers to take their own.The Molift Smart 150 has been de..
02 Dec Hoist for Ambulance Services
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AAL LTD have been supplying Hoists for the UK Ambulanceservices in the NHS since 2011.  The preferred solution is the Molift Partner 255 which has a SWL (Safe Working load) of 255Kg and can be assembled/dis-assembled easily and Fits securely in the Ambulance. One of the growing challenges within the  ambulances service throughout the UK is the inc..
27 Oct Newlife charity application form
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The Newlife Foundation for Children provides grants for essential equipment such as: pain relieving beds, wheelchairs, communication aids, and much more. Newlife has funded over ?6 million pounds worth of equipment grants helping children across the UK, making a real difference to the lives of children and their families. We at AAL LTD support this..
19 Oct What is a standing hoist?
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A standing hoist is used by service users that have lost balance or strength to stand independently.  However, it?s important the service user has the ability to weight-bare e.g. support their own body weight using their legs with supportive assistance.The stand aid or standing aid, is the preferred method by the NHS and care professionals to manoe..
19 Oct Molift launch new Smart bag in September 2016
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Molift will be launching the Molift Smart 150 Soft Bag which is so much more than the previous version.  The prototypes are really good.  We will have a video demonstration in August.Unlike the previous version, this is a onesie for the Smart.  it simply slips over the entire hoist, there is a pocket for battery and charger.  Then it zips up and yo..
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